How we work

We normally come and visit you to get to know each other and to see the site in person, which will allow us to better understand your requirements. 

This will then form the basis of our fee proposal, which outlines our engagement with you and how we would approach your project. If your project requires planning permission (or a permitted development certificate), we can act as your agent and liaise with the Local Authority to seek pre-planning advice and submit a planning application. The stages below broadly cover RIBA stages 0-4.


Stage 1 - Concept

This stage is all about the initial ideas and possibilities we will explore. This can be in form of sketch plans, elevations and visuals and mood boards for either an overall look and feel or specific areas. This way we can show you what we think is the best approach and how we believe the spaces will work and look.

Stage 2 - Design development

Here we further develop and refine the ideas from the previous stage and we will make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback. The plans and elevations will be revised and a full measured site survey will be undertaken to ensure that we have the correct information and dimensions (if required). This is also the time for when we will draw up plans and elevations for your planning application, if you require one.

Stage 3 - Technical design

The technical design stage incorporates feedback from the previous stages and will form the construction drawing pack with all necessary plans, elevations and detail drawings. It will also include a schedule for finishes/materials, fixtures, lighting, windows and doors (as required).