December Update

As we are nearing the end of 2018 and heading into the new year, we thought it would be nice to write about what we have been up to recently:

Projects on site:

Parallel House, Chestnut Avenue and Tranmere Rd are all on site in various stages and progressing very well. We are excited to show you the final outcome soon!

Projects in planning:

Gainsborough Rd has been submitted to planning and includes a two-storey rear and side extension. A tricky process and plot but we feel we have submitted a strong application and had positive feedback at pre-planning stage. The decision is scheduled for January 2019.

Projects in the studio:

We have a few projects running in the studio right now, from 15 sqm to 200sqm! These include a garden music studio for a jazz pianist (Godwin Rd), designing clever storage solutions and flexible guest bedroom including bathroom refurbishments (Victoria Rd), a lovely rear extension with a feature picture window (Huddleston Rd), a rear and side extension and house refurbishment (Horace Rd) and a complete refurbishment and re-design of a beautiful Victorian double-fronted house once used as a garment factory in World War II (Hampton Rd).