London Fields Cycles, E8

The bike shop is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the re-launch that includes a completely new layout for the 150sqm retail space, bespoke display units and a unified materials palette and lighting scheme.

All about service
The service counter now proudly sits in front of the large existing workshop window, which was previously partially hidden and offers a glimpse into the world of bike repairs and servicing.

A new generous fitting room allows customers to try on the impressive range of clothes. subtle branded details in fixtures help highlight featured products, whilst hand-written high-level signage contributes to the people-focused community spirit of the store.

A new layout
clearly defined paths between the mid-floor fixtures allow customers to browse and discover new products and create excellent sightlines between the front and the rear of the store. Each department is now clearly defined by type of bike, instead of prices, which helps finding the right bike for each customer.

Honest and warm materials
The material pallet was carefully chosen to create a warm and welcoming feel and mainly consists of birch plywood, galvanized steel and white formica colour core laminate. other materials such as the grey felt with orange detail stitching and bike changes to suspend hanging elements complement the overall look. The scaffolding tubing and gridwall mesh panels are a true and tested system allowing the store to re-configure the displays to suit the product on sale. The existing shop front has also been refreshed with a full width fascia and new signage to match the interiors. 

Status: Completed, May 2016
Size: 150 sqm
Photography: Tian Kheesiong