The Razzle Dazzler

Welcome aboard the “Razzle Dazzler”, London’s first floating skateboard bowl. The proposal seeks to transform the Ouse into a nomadic skate spot, which will be moored at various places along Regent’s canal, the Thames river and beyond...?

The Razzle Dazzler will receive a new visually arresting hull paint job and becomes a floating art piece in the process. The cargo space will now be fitted out with a plywood skateboarding bowl, which skateboarders will be able to ride whilst moored at various spots along the Regent’s canal. The idea is to create a London-wide skateboard jam series with events taking place every weekend at different locations, which could be run in partnership with a Slam City skateboard shop. The series finale would be held at the Southbank/The Undercroft to celebrate one of London’s finest street skate spot.

A new skate spot or park often gets talked about amongst the skateboarding community. Naturally the skateboarders closest to a spot or skate park will become the locals and regulars. This often forms tightly knitted communities which the Razzle Dazzler would bring together in a new urban setting.

This project was our entry for the Antepavillion II competition.