Cann Hall Skate Plaza, E11

This proposal sets out to completely overhaul the current skatepark, which is falling into disrepair. The new skatepark is proposed to be made out of concrete with metal edges (coping), which is maintenance free and extremely durable. It aims to become a landmark for skateboarders and BMX riders in London and to put Cann Hall on the map. The proposal was designed with the help of local skateboarder James Wright.

The new layout will make the skatepark more open and accessible. It provides high-quality facilities for children, young adults and adults of all skill levels and provides a safe environment to keep active. Please get in touch if you have questions or with feedback or follow Cann Hall Skate Plaza on Twitter.

You can download the full proposal here.

Location: Cann Hall Road, E11 3NN
Size: 530 sqm
Status: Proposal submitted to Waltham Forest Council (August 2017)

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